Going through Phuket Airport

Doha airport shops and restaurants are open… 9 hours waiting time went so fast, eating, shopping, replying questions about COE, writing down experience, etc…

Every one on this plane is happy. I see lots of smiling faces and everyone has their own unique story in which we can retell for the rest of our lives!

Yes! WE DID IT!!!

The plane from Doha to Phuket was quite empty, approx 100 people only. When we booked the ticket it was more occupied… I totally understand, no need to further say about this 🙂

Flight attendant gave as a form to fill on the plane, simple questions. Fonts start to be a bit too small for auntie age of 38 😭

So what happened after we land in Phuket?

1. We have mini water salute… I think. We are the second flight so no dramatic water salute >< But as we were getting out of the plane, I saw a splash of water and some photographer on ground, perhaps reshooting shots for news.

2. We were greet by many staffs. Tons of smiling faces. We have receive alcohol spray, some mask kit

Then we sit and wait for staffs. Here we have to do 2 things

1. Documents checking process by Staff wearing blue uniform. Need to have:
  – Passport
  – COE
  – Sha+ certificate from hotel
  – Covid 19 test result
  – Covid19 vaccination card

2. Download Morchana Application and log in until you get the QR code to show to staff. This process is being checked by another group of staff wearing orange uniform.

At first there were like 3+3 staffs in total so the process took a bit longer. But after a while more staffs show up and it was quick. This took about 30 mins

After this we move to another station.

Next station is to do some register on the system. The staff asked us where we come from, etc., and put our document info in the system

Then we go through Immigration step (No picture allowed). All immigration staffs look happy. They talked to us, asked tons of questions, wished us a happy stay. I never felt so welcome 🙂

Then go get our luggagessss. And go through custom process.

After custom we walked out of the restricted area, there are booth that sell sim cards, exchange money booth, ATMs, etc etc. Everyone was happy and excited to be back in business!

Then we que up for our 1st covid test. The que was a bit hassle as Thailand style we que up in a pack, forming up straight line horizontally and vertically…. so it wasn’t really a que but somehow the staff who manage the area know who comes before who 👍

Then we are outside! Registration booth for our 1st covid test is here!! Here they need a passport to check names. I already prepaid the covid19 package with hotel so no need to pay here.

We were given a test kit and was directed to go outside to do it. I thought we would do it ourselves like in the USA, but no no no….

This step is brutal 😭 In my whole 5 times covid testing experience, this one is the most painful, far more painful. No need to explain, I just cried, everyone had red eyes and tears were rolling down our faces. I strongly suggest this step to be RT-qPCR. ****

Then we finally can go wooohooooo. Meeting our SHA+ driver and then to the hotel. We were excited to be here, he was excited that we made it ✌

Total process I think it was apprx 1-1.30 hours for 100 people in the same flight since landed till meet driver. (All extra greeting process, gifts giving, camera, interview, chatting up, etc). I’m sure as time goes by it will be much faster…today there was some dead air and bottle neck process. This sure will improve over time 😊

Arrived at the hotel with all staffs greeting us. It felt like we just got back from the moon ❤❤❤❤❤

With all the sleepless nights we decided to order room service and just have a shower, no hassle to find a place to eat, or order delivery and eat in foam box 🤮. We have 14 days to go…no rush!

I miss fishy smell of prik naam pla so much 😋

Now we are cleaned, full, and sleepy….


  1. Thank you for sharing your arrival in Phuket, I can’t wait to go in September.
    I going to the same resort as you (Crest resort),
    My question is how did you get the prepaid covid test with the hotel? Did you email them to get it and for the payment how this works?


    • Hello dear,

      I’m glad that my article helps.
      For covid test, you can pay with the hotel, the hotel will forward the money to the hospital.
      I recommend 2-3 days before the test date, contact hotel staff to book the slot for you at the time you prefer.
      On the day before your covid test, the hotel will give the voucher to you, please bring that with you to the test location


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